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Posted by theemptyservant on 2005.04.20 at 20:20
so I have like one or 2 semesters left here and no one has invited me to any of the so called "college parties" I keep hearing about.

Someone should let me know about these things I'm fucking bored.

boba fett

with a show of hands....

Posted by arsxxmoriendi on 2005.04.06 at 00:37
Who hates Regis? Well I do, as I am well aware that most of you do too. I have two open slots for potential roommates to occupy an apartment in the beginning of May. Apartment is two bedrooms, living room, and very large kitchen within a 6 minute walk of the school. Living room has a door and is going to be a third bedroom. For those of you accustomed to life at the Hall of Hell that is Domatilla, this is moving on up. Between three people, monthly cost (including rent, utilities, cable/phone/internet, and even grocery shopping) is just under $600. Send me a comment and let me know.

Want a Gift Certificate?

Posted by wkrpfm on 2005.04.01 at 14:57
i'm feeling: sicksick
Hi Everyone,

I'm helping to put together a newsletter for NEiA and I'm working on the housing section right now. I need a few good pictures of "life in the residence hall". Maybe you took a pic at a program you attended, or you and your friends hangin out. Obviously this needs to depict "clean fun" (no alcohol bottles hangin out in the background :) . Whoever submits pics and has theirs chosen will receive a $10 gift certificate. I'm looking for 2-3 pics. Thanks! You can email me at keaneye@aii.edu

I have to have this put together one week from today, so if you could send them asap, that would be great.

Posted by gookalockgeek on 2005.03.29 at 10:47
I have 2 tickets to see John Digweed at Avalon/Axis tonight and am too sick to go, so I'd like to sell them. If anyone is interested, here are the details:

2 tickets, Axis (13 Lansdowne) The doors open at 10, show goes until 2. Tickets were $15 each, plus an additional $9.80 in fees, for a total of $39.80. Make an offer!


Posted by kerplunk87 on 2005.03.13 at 12:03
i'm transferring next fall so i wont be attending summer semester at Ai... with that said i'm leaving my apartment at the end of april also (last day of classes)... its at 69 Chiswick Rd in Brighton... a nice two block stroll from cleveland circle (711, a few pizza places, CVS, the circle movie theater, D Riverside T Stop, BC).. school room and board refund checks easily cover the 625 a month rent with heat included... cable and electricity are around 35 a month for your half... Steve Duxbury will still be living here for the summer semester... you will take over on May 1st and the lease is through August 30th where you can either renew the lease or find another place to live..

the apartment has recently been renovated with all tile floors, dish washer, fridge, stove, full bathroom, pretty big living room, and a private bedroom also spacious... since we're on floor level we never get noise complaints and is a nice area to live in... leaving about 15-20 minutes before your class will get you there a few minutes before it starts (depending on MBTA reliability of course)

if anyone is interested please email me at sb4119@stu.aii.edu ASAP... if no one gets back to me by the end of march i'll have to publicly advertise the space, and since Steve will still be here i'd rather a friend or fellow Ai'er to take the space instead of a stranger


Posted by aubuchon on 2005.02.28 at 21:17
I Want to be an R.A. but will not be here Wednesday...What is up with that?

Zombie Movie Series-Looking for crew

Posted by ljavelle on 2005.02.27 at 22:26
Ideas for 3 episodes have been thought up and will be put into script form pretty soon. The series will be a bunch of interconnected shorts.The series will begin to film sometime in Spring. More info at my movie board.



Posted by cutopenthesky on 2005.02.24 at 13:19
Why's AI so anal about wearing your ID?

Monday's Schedule Tuesday

Posted by cutopenthesky on 2005.02.21 at 20:20
I think I missed something... Are monday's class times the same as they would be on Tuesday? Are all class schedules besides Monday on their usual times?

Its Me Again

Posted by toxicdandelion on 2005.02.20 at 22:15
Hey everyone, I know... I know.. i keep posting about my apartment. Anyway, I just wanted to say that if you are interested please let us know asap, before the middle of the week, but the sooner the better, We still need one roommate,maybe two, but deffinately one right now. Anyone is welcome to come and take a look, but like I said before e mail me, kristy.wheeler@gmail.com or call Rod at 857-225-2527, THanks!!

Roommates Needed!!!!!!

Posted by toxicdandelion on 2005.02.20 at 09:53
I am ammending the previous post about my apartment, ALL you would need to move in is $462, that is the first months rent, there is not "first, last AND security", it is just march's rent, thats it. Like I said before, heat, hot water, and electricity are included in rent, and we have high speed internet, so you won't loose out on that, cable TV if you want it, and phone. Dishwasher in the kitchen, and yet again, FREE laundry. If you are interested, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know before tomorrow afternoon, if we don't know you might be interested, we won't be able to consider you as a roommate. SO, IM me at ToxycDandelion or email me at kristy.wheeler@Gmail.com


Posted by toxicdandelion on 2005.02.19 at 19:51
i'm singing: Green Day : Boulevard of Broken Dreams
hey everyone
My boyfriend and I are looking for a 1 or 2 roommates for our apartment in Brookline. We are a 5 minute walk from the school, on Perry ST, right off Linden.. off of Kent. Soooo.. if anyone knows where that is, its really close to school. Anyway, couples, singles, gay, straigt, male, female, anyone really..who is interested is welcome to come and take a look. Heat, hot water and electricity is included in rent,$462 per person, and little or nothing down to move in, that is up for negotiation with our landlord, he may want a small security deposit, but that has not been decided yet. Anyway, there is the potential for the rent to go down, even lower, we are negotiating that as well. There is a porch off the back of the apartment, great for summer BBQs, a dishwasher in the kitchen and free laundry in the basement. Yes, thats right, no more scrounging for quarters or laundry cards to do laundry. the grocery store is a 10 minute walk from here, and there are plenty of great things you can do.. like go out until 12:00 or later.. and walk home.. or take the last T and not have to worry about the shuttle. Oh yeah, and the walls are not cement, so you can actually hang things on the wall, and they will stay there. Anyway, if anyone is interested please email me at kristy.wheeler@gmail.com. Hope to hear from someone.. I know you dont ALL want to live way out there in weston!!

Posted by aubuchon on 2005.02.16 at 23:32
I won bingo! yay, I like when events are held when I am not working.

People who moved out of here are suckas!

hippy me
Posted by treebeast on 2005.02.16 at 15:07
i'm singing: radiohead - i might be wrong

im applying as a transfer student to aine and im going into the audio program, thinking of doing audio for film

i was wondering how people like it, both the major and the school in general?

is it a major pain dealing with living in the dorms and being so far away from the school/ weird staying at another school?


Posted by doobiroo on 2005.02.11 at 13:25
i'm feeling: frustratedfrustrated
I can't find my Ai zip-up. Size Medium. If anyone found it, please let me know. PLEASE! I might have left it in the first floor ladies room at the dorm. UGH this is gonna drive me nuts.

There is a small reward involved...


Posted by scoobywhereareu on 2005.02.10 at 16:28
anyone want gmail?

if you do just leave your email address and name


TV Series?

Posted by mikeytehwinz on 2005.02.04 at 22:12
This came to me while waiting for the shuttle at Riverside today.

The Idea:
A TV Series about the dorms. It's in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm as sort of a mockumentary show. It will have both real and fake storylines. For example there may be an episode about my upcoming Dodgeball program, but in the same episode it will have Sheri's step team practicing for their show, and a fake story line intersected between it. The following episode's main storyline could actually be sheri's dance team doing the show. It will be comedy but that could always be debated in the real storylines. I'd like to keep it lightharted and comedic.

The Name:
I was thinking of calling it Dramatilla Hall. Or Dramatilla TV since our building's name is Domitilla Hall.

The Cast:
Anyone who wants to be in it. There won't be a set cast every episode, cept for maybe the RA's but that's debatable and definatly does not have to happen. The cast is the residents in Domitilla Hall.

What do you think?
Post comments telling me what you think.

scary, "photo manipulation"


Posted by mjackson84 on 2005.02.02 at 19:26
Well i pretty much never post in here, but I felt the time had come. And I have a good reason. EVERYONE HERE must sign up for the SKI TRIP the weekend after valentines day! An email was sent to all of us about it. if there arent 55 people signed up for it, it will be cancelled! Knowing the laziness of the majority of the school, id say its likely to get cancelled. So if you're interested at all in this or have ever in your life wanted to try skiing or snowboarding, FOR GODS SAKE! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SIGN UP!

Ahem, thankyou.

Anyone want an apartment?!

Posted by xinyourwakex on 2005.02.01 at 15:46
Located on the corner of HARVARD AVE and COMMONWEALTH ave in Allston MA.

Minutes from downtown Boston... the B line stops right in front of the house.

It's a spacious studio on the third floor, 380 sq. ft. perfect for one or two people. Rent, $925 a month, includes heat and hot water. Electric was only an additioal $20 a month when i lived there with my roomate.

It's a real quiet, cozy place, and is available immeadiately.

I would have to sublet it considering the apartment is in my name until August.

The apartment is available to be seen any weekday after 6 pm. and on the weekends anytime.

AOL IM: mxjxbx
EMAIL: iammikebelanger@yahoo.com
CELLPHONE: 508-331-6416

feel free to call, email, or message me with any questions.

thanks alot!

Posted by doobiroo on 2005.01.26 at 11:36
According to channel 7, No Evening Classes.

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