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New Student

Posted by ___showerscene on 2008.03.25 at 21:36
Hey guys, I will be starting at NEIA in the fall of 2008. I've seen some not so good stuff about the photography program a few places, but no real specific reasons as to why "it sucks." Anyone want to fill me in? Photo students- what do you think? Thanks!


okay okay!
agreenballoon at 2008-03-26 03:46 (UTC) (link.)
What were the not so good stuff youve seen about the program?? I'm really curious to know.
I'm a photo major and totally think that our major is the cream of the crop, as far as up and coming majors go.

we have all top of the line equipment, that expands every fall extensively.
our professors are fucking awesome, all of them.

and we're making huge headway with in-school galleries and showing work, while also submitting a lot of student work to outside venues all the time. everyone in the department is encouraged to stay in tune with the boston photography scene too, which is really welcoming and nice.

definitely doesn't 'suck' and i'd love to hear where you heard that from. we quickly weed out the kids who aren't here for the right reason, which sucks for those who don't give their all, but totally beneficial to the rest of us-
leaving classes full of kids who are stoked about their major.
___showerscene at 2008-03-26 04:12 (UTC) (link.)
That's the thing. They never said what the deal was, just that OMG D00D IT SUCKZ. There was actually a post in here a while back I commented on and they told me to run. I've heard a lot of "THey just want your money!" type thing or the school sucks. I also googled "new england institute of art reviews." Never specifics though! I'm so happy for this comment, I was getting nervous! You have just made me feel much better. I'm pretty pumped to go. :) I'm a transfer student. How are the people there? I'm so glad the professors are awesome. Yay!
noamuth at 2008-03-26 04:45 (UTC) (link.)
I graduated in August from the graphic design program, and you will find a lot of people who will just sit and say "The school sucks, this and this program sucks" but never give a reason. Usually they don't stay long. :-D

I think you'll be fine. I really enjoyed my time there, and the people there are really very cool. And yes, most of the professors there are amazing.
___showerscene at 2008-03-26 05:08 (UTC) (link.)
Oh man, that is so lame. If they hate it so much they should go somewhere else? Haha.

Thanks for the comment :)
okay okay!
agreenballoon at 2008-03-26 12:00 (UTC) (link.)
i was also a transfer student when i came to Ai- and coming from a traditional four year university to this was such a relief because people here, for the most part, give a shit, and WANT to do well. it makes for a really nice learning environment.

however, i highly suggest skipping out on the dorms. i've heard nothing good can come from them. apartmenting is the way to go.
don't be lame.
___showerscene at 2008-03-26 22:32 (UTC) (link.)
yeah, I have an apartment lined up already in Brighton. Thanks for your comments :)
Justin Gamble
amourus at 2008-03-26 14:37 (UTC) (link.)

Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

I can't speak for the Photography major specifically, but there are a lot of things with the school in general that I feel are not worth the copious amount of money we're all shelling out to be here...

First is the lack of a closed campus. While this doesn't seem that bad at first realize that you will be walking a good 30 minutes to class from the comm ave dorms and an easy hour from the Regis dorms. Not to mention hikes from the Main building to the West building, where the classes are split. That's a good 5 minute walk too.

With no closed campus comes no dining hall. Sans Regis, the school has no cafeteria to get food. Instead we get grocery store cards and get to shop and make our own food. Some people are for this, some aren't. There's a lot of times I find myself skipping meals out of laziness because I don't feel like making anything; and that's if I went to Shaws and bought food to make in the first place.

We also run on some shitty trimester program. While I suppose this can get you out of school in a shorter amount of time, I want my summer. Having inter-semester breaks cut down to 2 weeks and going to school the entire summer does not appeal to me. Were it simply optional then that wouldn't be a problem, but they alot you one summer off and then they up your tuition by what I want to say is half.

You also must realize the scheduling of our classes. Generally speaking you go to a class two or three times a week at most schools. Here you go once a week for a 3 hour block. While that may sound appealing the problem with this is that you can only miss so many classes before they drop your grade a letter (3), and then to a D (4). So on those rainy/snowy days you don't feel like walking to class, your going to have to deal or waste an absense.

There are also very little to none school things going on. Most schools have concerts, clubs (not pertaining to your major), movie nights etc. Speaking as a Comm. Ave. Resident, I feel all of the "activities" we have are forced RA requirements and when they happen I have no interest in them. Like as much as I support the GBLT I don't care to play jeopardy and learn about it.

Some of the teacher are really cool (Wolf). Some, are pretentious assholes (Glen). While I'm sure this is an occurence at every school, I can't help but feel there is a major problem with the majority of our teachers, be them burnt out, obsessive compulsve, or just plain ignorant. The problem is we're being taught by those who are in the field, not neccesarily teachers. And with that comes the pretense that "because I've been there, I'm right and your wrong..." I don't know about you guys but I hate being taught this way... and that IF I actually learn anything at all...

Something is always broken, be it the vending machines, to the computers, to the chairs. The Counsiling center sucks. There's no health center, If your sick your fucked, and theres no excused absenses so if you puking up blood you still better get in to class assignment mounted in hand, or else.

That being said, I find the majority of student's here to be the one redeeming factor. The people are pretty cool, regardless of the lack of Co-eds. The dating pool is pretty slim, but your going in to photography so you're set.

And for those who instantly write back with "if you don't like it, leave" it is my intention to switch schools after this semester. It's just everytime I see a bright eyed potential student getting the tour, I just want to reach out and tell them to run... but who knows... you might actually like it here...
aubuchon at 2008-03-26 14:56 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

They don't up your tuition that much for not going summers (unless that's a brand new thing)

the difference is that the tuition you enrolled with will stay locked in if you only take off one summer, if you take off more than one summer your tuition will raise with the current tuition that the new students have to pay.

Also - the school has events on the plaza all the time when the weather is nice - and you live in Boston, there's always tons of stuff to do.

The school offers health insurance, it's law that you have to have insurance in MA either way - so going to see a doctor isn't all that difficult.

Hundreds of kids use the same stuff, so yes stuff breaks - they are typically fixed in a few days.

Also, this isn't an "art" school, you're getting a Bachelor's in Science degree, not art - this is more of a trade school that teaches you how to market yourself as a creative person just as much as it teaches you the skills to create.

Yeah, the dorms (Regis) really suck - but it's a good way to meet people to get an apartment with.

A lot of complaints above seem like general life complaints; making food, weather, walking, not enough time off - welcome to life.
Justin Gamble
amourus at 2008-03-26 15:29 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

While your right about most things listed, the health insurence is the most laughable thing I've found at this school. Yes they have it, but it's on an Emergency use only. I tried to use my health insurence to go to the dentist (and I know dental is generally different, but it was worth the shot) and an pediotrist and was flat out refused and told this really only works at a hospital in a real emergency situation.

If this isn't an art school, it shouldn't be called the New England Institute of Art. I know this was my own blind assumption but come on...

And the hundreds of kids using the same stuff part is kind of pushes the point. We need more equipment. The labs are always full of classes, and the fishbowl lab on the first floor usually has a mouse or two broken, one of the moniters not working, and the printer malfunctioning. Yes they get repaired in somewhat of a respectable timeframe but still theres a lot of downtime that if something is due is still our fault. We shouldn't have to plan on the equipment not working the day something is due...

You're making some assumptions though. I love the weather, I was just giving an example of what I hear alot of. As for the walking if you plan around it it's not bad, what I meant by bringing it up, is that when I got here, It was never mentioned. Like when someone tells you that you have a shuttle to a T they don't tell you that you'll be waiting at the T station for hours on end at times. Just as when I heard I was living at Comm Ave and that it's a "short walk" from the school, I didn't realize It'd be that far.

And as far as getting an apartment is concerned, It really isn't as easy as it sounds. As I'm doing college all on my own, I specifically need someone to cosign my loan in order to get the second one and use it for rent (the one I applied for and got only works for the dorms) unless of course I get a job on top of school and my grades suffer... I don't mean to sound as though I want you all to feel bad for my case, but I'm just pointing out, it's not an option for everyone...

which also brings up the point that there's fun things to do around boston, assuming you have the money to do these things...

You're right though, a lot of my problems with the school are not really that Important in the grand scheme of things, but this is college... were supposed to be having fun while getting ready for the real world... quite frankly though, I feel as though we're putting up with circumstances that really should be better. I don't want to get out in to the working world thinking of how I got by in the shitty conditions of my college just for the degree... perhaps I'm being too idealistic though...
aubuchon at 2008-03-26 18:12 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

Ah yeah, lots of employers don't even offer dental, let alone coverage for a pediatrist - I went without dental for my first 3 years of school until I got coverage. Tons of employers don't even offer it, it's just all part of the shitty US healthcare system.

You've always got to plan ahead - with renting equipment such as labs and cameras that can be tough, but you're bound to be screwed when you're printing stuff 30 mins before class - I was doing that for like a year, and eventually was like "fuuuuck this" and did it a day or two ahead of time.

Yeah, I've got the whole "college on my own" thing down - I've been working 20-30 hours a week for the past 4 years, and it suuuuuuuuucks ass. So no worries, I don't feel bad - haha.

I was always told that college is a good time, but tons of fucking work; so I suppose my outlook on it has always been different than yours anyway.

I've seen things improve a decent amount over the years at the school, which is tough considering the location of the school - but yeah, some things could be better - you're probably being a bit too idealistic overall, but I guess that's not a bad thing.

winecurrency at 2008-09-15 06:44 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

HA, as someone from Suffolk I think I should just say that most colleges in Boston don't have real campuses. try UMass Amherst or a State college that has room for all the sheltering necessities with that "animal house" feel to it.
___showerscene at 2008-03-26 22:33 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Welcome to the Mcdonald's of Art Schools

Thanks so much for all your comments. So you HAVE to go to school during the summer..?
aubuchon at 2008-03-26 14:40 (UTC) (link.)
I'm graduating in April from the design program - and the faculty really makes this school what it is. (but don't get me wrong, there are a handful of them that suck)

The photography major is looking really good, especially since the program is so new - you can tell a lot of work is being put into making it a good program.

___showerscene at 2008-03-26 22:34 (UTC) (link.)
Thanks :)
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