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Former GD major here trying to get some youtube hits...

Posted by headcomic448 on 2008.03.01 at 15:51
I am student teaching for my master’s degree program with high school kids in art. I just completed a unit in Abstract Art and while I was doing that I came up with an idea. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a painting in the span of a live show? It sounds cool but kind of hard to visualize by just saying it. So what I did was I did an entire painting in the span of the album “Western Scene” By Pale Blue Dot - Which is a kick ass band I did a web design for a while back. I sped the footage up and put it to PBD's music. Then I posted it on Youtube.

Part 1:


Part 2:


If anyone knows a live band or someone in a band show them this and ask them if they would be willing to have me paint at their show. I am in it for the art and I think this would be a great experience to have at a live show. Imagine how the divine experience of sound and the equally divine experience that is painting could come together. Let's set it up!


nippyfrog at 2008-03-02 17:17 (UTC) (link.)
Please edit this and use an LJ cut:

It's rude to post a a lot of huge pictures like this. No one is gonna want to do anything you want them to if you don't follow proper etiquette because you'll just a annoy people. Good information to know.
headcomic448 at 2008-03-02 17:49 (UTC) (link.)

Can't get it to work...

Got a link to some step by step instructions - I am sorry to offend the "etiquette" and I hear you on its importance which is why I want to learn how to do it so when I post in the future I won't look like a noob. (Which I shouldn't cause I have been on this thing longer than I care to admit.)

So yer an NEIA kid? I graduated dec '05 with a BS in design - in grad school now for art ed. Hows things down there?
nippyfrog at 2008-03-02 20:21 (UTC) (link.)

Re: Can't get it to work...

hmm I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. Did you put spaces in all the right places? This is the fag for it anyway:
You can copy the link straight from there.

Things are good- I'm there for BS in design. I graduate this May. They are making the semesters all 14 weeks and cutting spring break for following years. I'm glad I'm getting out just in time to miss that. :P
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