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04/26/07: Naked Eye Film Festival @ Coolide Corner, come by!!

Posted by rxprince on 2007.04.26 at 12:58
The Naked Eye Film Festival (put together by Tim Jackson and Ai Students)is having a special night tonight at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. (290 Harvard St | Brookline MA 02446 | 617.734.2501). We will be showing some really cool student short films along with documentaries. Along with the given, the audience will consists of filmmakers who have their movies in the fesitval as well. Lastly, we will also have a guest speaker, a digital film maker Joe Swanberg. His features include LOL (2006), Kissing on the Mouth (2005) and the upcoming Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007). He is also responsible for the Nerve.com online series Young American Bodies and has made numerous shorts, most of which are available online. His work has received a positive critical response and garnered awards at festivals. His work is defined by its improvised dialogue, preoccupation with digital communication and often graphic depictions of sex. He is also a noted proponent for Internet-based distribution for independent films.

So there you have it, the show begins at 7pm. For $5 bucks, you'll see what the student filmmakers around boston are doing (there is some really cool shorts, especially one called the 'The Hunter'. You'll be amazed at how well produced this short truly is.) as well as get a chance to speak to Joe Swanberg who is one of the biggest indie supporters. If you're in the music/film industry, this is a great opportunity to meet others who are in the same field, check out their work and get contacts within the same industry that you are in.

Location: Coolidge Corner Theatre (Coolidge Corner Theatre | 290 Harvard St | Brookline MA 02446)
Time: 7PM (Please don't be late! The show starts right at 7pm!)
Cost: $5 bucks. Keepin' it indie.

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