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Alex Stinson in the Boston Globe

Posted by jmh412 on 2006.10.25 at 14:26
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an AI student is in the paper... as they say, there is no such thing as BAD press :)

this makes me proud to attend NEiA. please, read on.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Police foil film project

Alex Stinson, a student at New England Institute of Art, is a budding filmmaker, but Boston police are giving his latest work two thumbs down.

With guns drawn, police Tuesday raided the roof of a Jamaicaway apartment building after receiving a call about people dressed in camouflage and masks and pointing guns toward the roadway below. Captain Kelley McCormick said he immediately ordered one of the people to spread eagle on the ground. Other critics were not amused: ‘‘It was very realistic,’’ said neighbor Timothy Bragg, who saw the actors, became concerned, and called 911.

McCormick said he would seek complaints charging Stinson, 21, of Winchester, and three others with trespassing and disturbing the peace. Police Tuesday night said they summoned six participants to court for the incident.

Stinson insisted he had called Boston and Brookline police to alert them to the filming. Boston police said they have no record of the call.

Stinson said his attempt to re-create a scene from ‘‘The Matrix’’ involved weeks of planning. With the project due Monday, he may be in line for another bad review — from his professor.

P.S. For all AI students, the teacher is Sam Dole


Mary K
popgoesthefreek at 2006-10-25 18:51 (UTC) (link.)
wallace at 2006-10-25 18:57 (UTC) (link.)
the pictures from the globe article are pretty funny too:

The sight of this would-be actor on a Boston rooftop triggered a 911 call.

People exited a Jamaicaway building yesterday after their college film project startled neighbors and drew police.
punkandbarbies at 2006-10-25 20:16 (UTC) (link.)
atleast he's got a good excuse??
ahardcorekid at 2006-10-25 23:39 (UTC) (link.)

Nate Fitch
ibfitch at 2006-10-26 01:38 (UTC) (link.)
of course the exciting things happen after I graduate
jmh412 at 2006-10-27 15:56 (UTC) (link.)
thanks for posting the pictures, Wallace. this was the stupidest thing I ever heard of... something that once the legal shit is over with (he should win, by the way) we will all laugh at
teurastaa at 2007-01-28 00:31 (UTC) (link.)
hahah he was in my class the day after that happened! heehee. At leats the teacher gave them more time. that's a plus. I guess. lol
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