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Posted by jmh412 on 2006.10.16 at 23:39
current locale: the Appts on Comm Ave
i'm feeling: hungryhungry
i'm singing: Dorkfish - Bill Engvall

Name: AJ Hare

Major: DMP (or whatever the name is now)

Semester: 4th

Abnormal Psych - Dr. John (2nd FAVORITE CLASS)
English II - Yuill
Digital Post Effects - Arboleda
Audio for Video - Rosina
Multi Camera Production - Clements (FAVORITE CLASS)

Finishing Move: Vertical Suplex Piledriver


The Ramune Bottle Spirit
ramune_rabbit at 2006-10-19 02:34 (UTC) (link.)
Haven’t seen you around, but good luck on your final semester. It’s challenging as it is this first semester for me. Even though, it’s technically my 3rd year of college (transferred), it’s been 2 years since I last went. Where do you usually hangout at?
jmh412 at 2006-10-19 02:43 (UTC) (link.)
final? *Laughs self do death* no, no my dear. I am in for another five semesters. I usually hang out at the appts on Comm Ave... but tomorrow I will be at the school all day, as I have to get in to TV-A before the 9 am class... then a 4pm. no use going home. so if you will be in there tomorrow, I will be as well.
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