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new icon 4 me
Posted by faeriedeva on 2010.11.09 at 01:47


New Student

Posted by ___showerscene on 2008.03.25 at 21:36
Hey guys, I will be starting at NEIA in the fall of 2008. I've seen some not so good stuff about the photography program a few places, but no real specific reasons as to why "it sucks." Anyone want to fill me in? Photo students- what do you think? Thanks!

I am student teaching for my master’s degree program with high school kids in art. I just completed a unit in Abstract Art and while I was doing that I came up with an idea. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a painting in the span of a live show? It sounds cool but kind of hard to visualize by just saying it. So what I did was I did an entire painting in the span of the album “Western Scene” By Pale Blue Dot - Which is a kick ass band I did a web design for a while back. I sped the footage up and put it to PBD's music. Then I posted it on Youtube.

Part 1:


Part 2:


If anyone knows a live band or someone in a band show them this and ask them if they would be willing to have me paint at their show. I am in it for the art and I think this would be a great experience to have at a live show. Imagine how the divine experience of sound and the equally divine experience that is painting could come together. Let's set it up!

Chiro sulks with flowers

Snow Emergency

Posted by nippyfrog on 2007.12.13 at 22:18
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NEiA tends to wait til the wire to let people know if they have class or not. An hour before your class is not really enough warning, especially for people who commute.

What does that even mean? I don't think it means anything for us though.

The Naked Eye Film Festival (put together by Tim Jackson and Ai Students)is having a special night tonight at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. (290 Harvard St | Brookline MA 02446 | 617.734.2501). We will be showing some really cool student short films along with documentaries. Along with the given, the audience will consists of filmmakers who have their movies in the fesitval as well. Lastly, we will also have a guest speaker, a digital film maker Joe Swanberg. His features include LOL (2006), Kissing on the Mouth (2005) and the upcoming Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007). He is also responsible for the Nerve.com online series Young American Bodies and has made numerous shorts, most of which are available online. His work has received a positive critical response and garnered awards at festivals. His work is defined by its improvised dialogue, preoccupation with digital communication and often graphic depictions of sex. He is also a noted proponent for Internet-based distribution for independent films.

So there you have it, the show begins at 7pm. For $5 bucks, you'll see what the student filmmakers around boston are doing (there is some really cool shorts, especially one called the 'The Hunter'. You'll be amazed at how well produced this short truly is.) as well as get a chance to speak to Joe Swanberg who is one of the biggest indie supporters. If you're in the music/film industry, this is a great opportunity to meet others who are in the same field, check out their work and get contacts within the same industry that you are in.

Location: Coolidge Corner Theatre (Coolidge Corner Theatre | 290 Harvard St | Brookline MA 02446)
Time: 7PM (Please don't be late! The show starts right at 7pm!)
Cost: $5 bucks. Keepin' it indie.

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Z with Kinetiq

Tonight at 7 on neialive.com

Guests wanted for weekend showCollapse )

So... I have retuned my show. It's going to be a great show this week.

4 30 minute sets

Club information at the top of the 6 PM hour..

Poetry twice a show...

and info on clubs all over the US..

So with that being said... I also made a MySpace page for the show with a new logo. So check it out here...



Adios Alchemy... I will be playing songs from bands that have performed at Alchemy.

Also... I would like to get some memories to read on the show. If you have a memory you would like read, message me.

So that's pretty much it. I hope you will listen on Monday.

ZUGZWANG... Monday 5-7 on All Independent Radio... (http://www.neialive.com).


Alex Stinson in the Boston Globe

Posted by jmh412 on 2006.10.25 at 14:26
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an AI student is in the paper... as they say, there is no such thing as BAD press :)

this makes me proud to attend NEiA. please, read on.

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Posted by jmh412 on 2006.10.16 at 23:39
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Name: AJ Hare

Major: DMP (or whatever the name is now)

Semester: 4th

Abnormal Psych - Dr. John (2nd FAVORITE CLASS)
English II - Yuill
Digital Post Effects - Arboleda
Audio for Video - Rosina
Multi Camera Production - Clements (FAVORITE CLASS)

Finishing Move: Vertical Suplex Piledriver

Posted by safesounds on 2006.07.13 at 17:04
Hey. I am going to be a freshman in the fall at NEIA, studying photography.
pretty psyched.
any other photo students?


stars and eyes
Posted by punkandbarbies on 2006.06.20 at 11:12
ok ok i deleted the post.

from now on, could everyone just throw ANY piece of artwork behind a lj-cut? it's great to show off your artwork, especially here, but some people don't like it being shoved in their face i suppose.

plus, not everyone views their livejournal in a private place, and hey, maybe john doe's image design class doesn't want to see your tuck at 9am on a monday morning. just a thought. :)

Posted by deviloftruth on 2006.06.19 at 22:24
Is there a moderator for this community who could maybe take that picture off my friends page? I'm all for freedom of expression, but if you're going to disable comments on a post, you automatically give up the right to claim it as an act of artistic expression.

Posted by wallace on 2006.06.17 at 21:44
Seriously, fuck you. Learn to lj cut. That is all.

Edit: Game on.

Posted by popgoesthefreek on 2006.04.28 at 19:11
Hey guys im asking you all for two seconds of your time.

if you would like to donate to a great cause theeeeeeeen you just found one.

On May 6th im walking 3 miles with 2 of the ladies that i work with(they are MR) for NAMIWALKS. the money helps people with mental illness all around.

Make a difference in the lives of people with mental illness! The money and awareness you raise through NAMIWALKS will support mental illness advocacy, research, education and support programs both locally and nationally

Anything you can give helps that much more. thank you sooooo much. below is my online donation link.

thank you so much

Posted by alexanderblack on 2005.08.22 at 17:38
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hey so i got in to neia today for sept

anyways, i make electronic music and play live shows.

are there any shows on campus featuring students? if not are there any open mics? im wicked interested in playing.

uhh i have a track up on my myspace if anyones curious http://www.myspace.com/pixelblaster

Posted by alexanderblack on 2005.08.15 at 22:44
The dorms dont seem worth it...Weston is pretty far from Brookline.

I heard that to get there you need to take the T and then a shuttle.

This is OK i guess...but how late does the shuttle go? If i wanted to see a show at the middle east...it doesnt seem like id be able to make it back in time...

I am applying for sept05 and i need to make a decison fast...live in dorms or live at home in haverhill and take the commuter rail.

hippy me
Posted by treebeast on 2005.06.12 at 01:04
this is a question to any audio & media majors out there

i just wanted to know what you like, dont like, and whatever other thoughts any of you have about the program


Posted by punkandbarbies on 2005.05.20 at 16:40
hey does anyone have the new subscription code to corbis? i don't feel like going into school right now or over the weekend, but i need some photos.


Posted by miralibis on 2005.05.03 at 18:41
i'm singing: Old Man Gloom - Gift
hey, since this is primarily and AUDIO SCHOOL... i'm looking for people to start a band. i have many years of experience and and willing to do ANY style of music... except country... cause it's the most vile thing ever conceived. i'm looking to do more rock/metal/alternative kind of stuff, but if we click, we click. i am a guitarist with 13 years of playing experience and have the equipment to gig out. if you are interested or know someone that would be interested in auditioning, e-mail me at karl_mccurdy@hotmail.com or respond to this thingy and it'll go there anyways. i'm looking for a rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. laters.

End of the Semester

Posted by wkrpfm on 2005.04.20 at 20:08
Just a reminder for those in Domitilla Hall, all students need to move out by Friday, April 29th at 5pm. Flyers went out last night to every student with checkout times. It is in a student's best interest to check out, meaning they contact a staff member during the checkout times listed. The staff member will go with you to inventory your room, collect your keys, and have you fill out a survey. Failure to check out and turn your keys in will result in a $150 charge to change the locks on the door. Plus, you forfeit the chance to appeal any damage charges assessed by the staff. We have entered into an agreement with Regis College that we will only be occupying the 2nd and 3rd floors of Domitilla Hall for the summer semester. I understand that some students have concerns about moving all of their belongings out, only to move back in 2 weeks later. We currently have one little area on the 2nd floor designated for women. We will need to extend that for the summer. If people are allowed to leave all their stuff in their rooms, some males will have to move to other rooms to make room for the women on move in day. I cannot move these females into dirty rooms. I'm also sure that parents would rather have their son/daughter moving into a clean room as opposed to a filthy one. There is an additional concern for security of student's belongings. During the two week break, there will be no staff present in the building. Maintenance staff will have access to these rooms and we are not comfortable with leaving student's belongings in an un-supervised building. I apologize if this is an inconvenience, however the decision was made for the overall better quality for move-in day on May 15th. Move in begins at 12pm that day.

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